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Leia Menstrual Cup

-24% — LEIA Menstrual Cup — Size M

-24% — LEIA Menstrual Cup — Size M

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A compact menstrual cup with a firm, slanted rim. Easy-to-grip rings for effortless cup removal. Short, durable stem for locating and adjusting the cup.


Materials: 100% Medical-grade silicone


  • Liquid Capacity — 26ml
  • Height — 2.50”,
  • Diameter — 1.83”,
  • Stem to Cut — 0.40”
  • 3-4 Tampons


  • DESIGNED BY FEMALE OB/GYN - The unique, anatomically correct, and compact design of the low cervix menstrual cup is made without sacrificing capacity. It's comfortable and easy to use for those with low cervical placement. The same goes for flow.


  • PIECE OF MIND - Thanks to the firm rim, the menstrual cup provides a leak-free experience for up to 12 hours. The menstrual cup is guaranteed to open and stay in place. It’s also extremely comfortable and odorless, so you can forget it's even there. You can work long hours, swim, run, and hike while your menstrual cup keeps you protected from leaks.


  • EASY TO USE - The angled shape of the menstrual cup, the easy-to-grip rings and stem, and the soft, smooth silicone make insertion, removal, and adjustment of the menstrual cup effortless, even if it's your first one.


  • SAFE - Leia menstrual cup is FDA-registered. It's made from the highest quality medical grade silicone and contains no BPA (BPA FREE), Phthalates, Dioxin, Latex, or any harmful chemicals or additives. Leia menstrual cup does not absorb the liquid, it collects it, making sure your pH balance stays the same.


  • SUPPORT - If you have weak pelvic muscles, Leia menstrual cup for weak muscles was designed for you. The superior rim will help keep the cup in place, so you won't need a pessary during your period.


  • REUSABLE - Leia menstrual cup comes with a 15-year warranty. You will save 1800 disposable items during the cup's lifetime.


  • NOT A WHITE LABEL - Leia menstrual cup is not one of the many white-label solutions when you pay for brand marketing and not product quality. We design, test, and manufacture unique, affordable, and high-quality patent-pending products.


  • SUPERIOR FINISHING - We inspected more than 200 cups and were not pleased with how they felt. So, we designed our own touchable, velvety experience.


  • SIZING - Medium - for people who gave a vaginal birth and are over 30 years old - Large - for people who gave multiple vaginal births regardless of age - Small will fit other people


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