Join the Leia Affiliate Program and become a part of our team! Our affiliate program is designed for people who believe in our mission of supporting low-cost access to quality menstrual care for all, and who are looking to improve their income potential with supplemental work which can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

We welcome college students, teachers, social workers, and anyone who has the desire to change the world for the better, while earning some spare income.

Our Affiliate Benefits Include:

  • Increased commission rates: 7% starting, then increasing to 10%, 12%, 17%, and 24% as total sales reach specific thresholds ($369, $739, $1849, $2774, and $3699, respectively)
  • Your commission rate stays elevated for two months if the threshold is met and maintained.
  • Personal product discount: 15% off up to 3 items per month.
  • Leadership Bonuses for exceptional performance and mentorship of other affiliates.

And by joining our program you also can take advantage of these excellent benefits:

  • If you sell 500 products within a year, you will receive a paid trip to a conference of your choice.
  • If you sell 1,000 products within a year, you will receive a $5000 end-of-year bonus.
  • If you sell 3,000 products within a year, you will join a VIP experience at a unique and secret location, with all expenses paid for you and a guest.
  • If you sell 5,000 products within a year, you will receive a fully paid vacation to any destination of your choice, for you and a guest.
  • If you sell 10,000 products within a year, you will receive a share of the company and become a partial owner.

By joining our program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Dream bigger, supplement your income, have more money for household bills, and improve your lifestyle.
  • Be recognized for your accomplishments and enrich the lives of others through meaningful work.
  • Fulfill meaningful social connections and build a sense of community through networking.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of working independently and sharing in the company’s good results as a product advocate.
  • Embody the entrepreneurial spirit of individuality and independence, and align with our organizational culture and shared values.
  • Establish a network of connections in an important and ethically-driven business.
  • Receive discounted products and be motivated to grow as a career-driven individual.
  • Acquire new skills and enhance personal development through learning and self-improvement.
  • Improve critical thinking, stress management, problem-solving, and public speaking skills.
  • Enhance management skills and assist in training sales reps, running meetings, and reaching daily and
    weekly goals.
  • Improve time management and financial management abilities.
  • Gain confidence and have fun running your own piece of this business.
  • Improve performance in your daily work and gain valuable experience.

Join us today and start making a positive impact in your life and the lives of others!