Choosing Between Pads and Menstrual Cups: A Personal Journey Towards Sustainability

Choosing Between Pads and Menstrual Cups: A Personal Journey Towards Sustainability

Dear Leia Customer,

Once, my friend sent me a link about the decomposition of disposable diapers in the environment, and I found out that it takes 500-800 years for a diaper to decompose, and it never fully dissolves. Realizing the scale of the ecological disaster I had contributed to, I immediately started thinking. Well, it's understandable for children - unfortunately, our time is quite difficult without diapers (although it's possible if we try hard enough), but what about me? How long do pads and tampons take to decompose?

I'll shock you - just as long, 500-800 years, while causing toxic harm to the environment. Of course, many of you may remember the newer, more eco-friendly types of pads - biodegradable pads, which are made from materials that can decompose in shorter periods of time. These pads can degrade within a few months to a few years, depending on environmental conditions.

It is important to note that biodegradable pads require specific conditions, such as a certain temperature and humidity, for effective decomposition. Otherwise, they can persist for decades and not fully disappear. It is important to properly dispose of pads, following the manufacturer's instructions or local waste sorting recommendations.

So, it becomes clear here as well that even these pads are not sufficiently eco-friendly. There were many thoughts and contemplations on this topic, but my first thought was, "It's time to take responsibility and make a change!"

This story became one of the catalysts for creating Leia.

Interestingly enough, on the same day, I encountered Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) at work. TSS is an extremely rare and dangerous condition that occurs when using tampons, thankfully now every package includes a leaflet about it, which, by the way, saved the life of that young patient as she sought help in time. And then I truly understood that items like menstrual cups and discs are necessary for women.

Start of Leia Menstrual Cup

I sought the help of my brother, an excellent engineer, Konstantin Dolgan, the founder of LA NPDT (LA New Product Development Team). After approximately 10,000 hours of work, hundreds of prototypes, and dozens of modifications, we were able to create Our Cup. It was crucial for me to ensure that the cup was truly made with quality and fulfilled all its functions. That's why my colleagues were the first testers of Leia.They could provide an exceptionally truthful review, give an honest rating, and recommendations based on their professional experience. Many of them already had more than one child in their family at that time, and even the experience of complicated childbirth, which led to dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles, thus allowing them to fully assess the supporting function of the cup. It was only after their positive reviews that I was finally confident in the product, and we started mass production.

I can talk a lot about how wonderful the cup Leia is, created by me, how it helps women with weak pelvic floor muscles, does not disrupt the vaginal microflora, reduces the risk of TSS(Toxic Shock Syndrome), and much more, but the most important thing is that it helps take care of both women and the environment.

In other words, Leia is a cup created to care. If you also care about the future of our planet and are looking for an economical and comfortable way to protect yourself during menstruation, you should definitely try Leia - this is my personal recommendation as an obstetrician-gynecologist.

With love,. Elena Dolgan M.D.
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